Sunday, May 8, 2016

Isabel painted a portrait of her dog Lupin. I love it! she captured his fluffy look perfectly.
Another dog that Isabel drew, and colored with marker. An oldie but goodie.
Two dogs Julia drew in her sketch book, adorable.
Isabel also sketched this little dog in her sketchbook. I love the tongue and bow! We didn't make it to ten dogs this week, I am kind of bummed,about that. Mainly because I didn't have time to do any dogs. The dogs that Julia and Isabel did were really nice. And a very honorable mention to Mia's cat. Wow!
Lets start our next challenge with Julia's painted panda. We have two weeks to do ten pandas.
Ready, set, go!!!

Friday, April 29, 2016


Your first challenge is to draw,paint,collage or even sculpt dogs! Any kind of dog. The more creative the better! The top ten dogs will be posted on this blog. Let's start out with a dog Julia painted in class on Friday last week.
Ready set Go!!!